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Digital Pictures Basics 2012

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Organize, improve, share your photos using Windows Photo Gallery and Microsoft SkyDrive

by Ludwig Keck

Digital Pictures Basics 2012 is for seniors getting into the world of digital pictures but with little technical background. The book teaches the skills for using Windows Photo Gallery and Microsoft SkyDrive for managing and sharing pictures. This book is easy to understand and follow, and is written with the interests and learning styles of older adults in mind. Featuring large print and easy layout, the book is organized in twelve lessons for effective self-study or as a textbook for an instructor-led training course.

Written in easy steps, with detailed exercises and plenty of illustrations, this manual will help you gain the skills and become comfortable in managing your pictures on your computer.

This book covers what happens after you have taken the pictures. This book does not teach how to use your digital camera and how take good pictures – that is covered in another manual.

Learn how to:

  • Set up your computer and move your photos from your camera to the computer.
  • Organize and file the pictures using tags to find any picture easily.
  • Enhance your pictures to bring out their best – crop, adjust exposure, color and more.
  • Correct red-eye, select the best parts from similar photos, transform pictures artistically.
  • Make panoramas and collages from photos.
  • Share your photos with family and friends by email, or with prints.
  • Share your pictures online for family and friends to enjoy.

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